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It Took Me Months to Get This Out
Forex trading is not easy and you can't sit 24/7 to trade. If you do, you won't know when you grow old and regret you didn’t enjoy your money and your freedom.
So, I developed X-Doubler to suit the 2 types of Forex traders. Which one are you?
The 2 Types of Forex Traders
Type A: This type of trader wants to make money fast and risk more
Type B: This type of trader wants to risk little, forgetting he can only make liittle.
Don't Worry, X-Doubler Get's You Covered (either you're Type A or Type B Trader)
So, How Much Does X-Doubler Makes?
I have 2 answers based on which trader type gets this

Type A Trader
The EA will make pips fast!
Weekly ROI averagely is 20 -30%
Monthly ROI averagely is 100-300%.

Type B Trader
The EA will make pips slowly
Weekly ROI averagely is 1-3%
Monthly ROI averagely is 4-12%.
Check The Screen Shots of My 3 Live Accounts
This account, currently running made $320 in just 15 Days.

i.e 8% ROI in 2 weeks

(TYPE B Trader)
This account, currently running made $2,986 in just 9 Days.

i.e 42% ROI in 1 week

(TYPE A Trader)
This account, currently running made $1008 in just 16 Days.

i.e 21% ROI in 2 weeks

(TYPE A Trader)

If you don’t believe what you are seeing or what you have logged into..

  • Open a live account and send me your login details, I will attach X-DOUBLER for one month
  • It will cost you $300 for a monthly subscription.
  • Or open a demo account and send me your login details, it will cost you $150 per month

I think with that, you will know I am not here to Joke.

Get X-Doubler Now for $4097 Just $3457
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You SHOULD Know More.....
Traders do say the market spends most of the time retracing. If this is true, then why is there so much focus on trend strategies? By focusing on trend strategies we miss out on most of the opportunities the market presents to us.

The market will revert eventually, you just don’t know when you need to be in the market to take an advantage of it, and indicators are generally too slow to tell you when to enter. Chances are you’ll probably end up paying more commission than profits!

It is said that Jim Rogers and Warren Buffet often average down their positions. If that is true then it can’t be that bad?

The easiest way to blow up your account averaging down is to scale in too aggressively, like a martingale strategy. This is because the larger the position you already have, the even larger position you would need to average down, meaning you will very quickly either run out of money or margin.

And that is the reason, I intelligently incorporated a smart strategy to scale in and it is even robust and not fixed.
Firstly Like I said if you think you're not convinced with what you have seen.
Just open a live account, I don’t have time for demos,
Send me your account details and you tell me if you are a type A or Type B trader
And I'll attach this trading system to the chart.
You'll be blown away.


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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How much does X-Doubler make weekly?
Type A settings: The EA will make pips very fast.
Weekly ROI aveargely is 20-30%
Monthly ROI averagely is 100-300%
Type B settings : The EA will make pips slowly
Weekly ROI averagely is 1-3%
Monthly ROI averagely is 4-12%

What is the minimum fund to use with X-Doubler?
You can use from $30 cent account, or $1000 on standard account.

Any specific broker’s platform required?
You can use X-Doubler with any broker, but you have to be watchful of ECN brokers. I have learnt my lessons.

How Can I set up X-Doubler on my MT4 platform?
It is very simple to set up. Just insert X-Doubler into your MT4, load your settings either you are type A or type B and hit the autotrading button and that is all.

Can it work on multiple pairs together?
Definitely. You can attach it to different pairs simultenously and you will see the magic.
You can login into the account to reconfirm that it trades on different pairs.

Will you tell me how to use X-Doubler and what is the best time to use this trading system?
Yes, you will receive user guide on how to use it.
Basically You can use the EA at any time 24 hours on VPS.

Does X-Doubler require any kind of human intervention?
This EA fully automated forex trading software. It doesn’t require any kind of human intervention.
After purchase, you just install it and if you wish to change the default parameter values, you can.

I do not have any experience on trading Forex, can I use the X-Doubler EA?
Yes. You just need to know how to deposit into your account, how to attach the EA to your MT4 and know how to withdraw (every week or monthly as you wish)

Can I try with a Demo account first?
Yeah, Sure. It's all up to you. Send me your demo login details, I'll attach X-Doubler for 1 month.
I'll charge you $150 for this.
But why will you make money on demo since you can make it on your live account?

What is the best Time frames to use X-Doubler on?
1 hour and 4 hour time frame

Do you provide testing version?
Yes I Do. 150 USD for a month on demo and 300USD on a live account. And you will need to send me your account details to do this for you.

How do I contact you?
Send me a message via support@fxsecretpackage.com

Why is X-Doubler costly compared to other trading systems
I'd rather say that is not the right question to ask, you should ask me why I am not allowing it to work on unlimited accounts. The reason is because this trading system is not for everyone. It's for serious trades who want to change their trading story.

What if this EA is not Profitable Like I have said?
If this EA does not makes profit within the first week. Firstly you will provide me with your account login details and if I see you didn’t follow the rules of the EA, I wont provide refund. But I'm very confident of what X-Doubler can do even in the first week like you've seen for yourself.
My Last Words For Only $erious Traders
Brokers are named brokers because they are going to make you broke.
So why not be a doubler and make them look elsewhere!
Enjoy X-DOUBLER For 30-Days Risk Free
I'm so are so confident that you will absolutely love and profit with X-Doubler that I'm offering a full 30-Day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee…
Get X-Doubler Now for $4097 Just $3457
Get a License Now, Double Your Account and Take Control of Your Trading Life
One-Time Only Payment – Use on 3 Live Accounts
Disclaimer: If X-Doubler failed on your account just let me know and I will send you all your money!
"Failed" means you have used recommended settings and my EA had lost more then 50% of deposit.
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